Planning Your Meeting at Cowork Chilliwack


For general inquiries and any questions leading up to your meeting.



For assistance during your meeting.

Michael Berger
Cell: 604-799-6744

Tim McAlpine
Cell: 604-793-8976


Studio Theatre

  • Seats 47 on main level

  • Seats 8 on balcony level

Large Meeting Room

  • Seats 10 comfortably

  • Seats 14 maximum

Small Meeting Room

  • Seats 4


Your meeting attendees are welcome to park in spaces marked 11, 12 and 13 plus any unnumbered spaces. Please do not park in any other numbered spaces. Additional parking is available behind our building and there is street parking on Harvard Place.

Building Access

The doors to Cowork Chilliwack are locked 24/7. With prior arrangement, we can set up an automated unlock for the front door 30 minutes prior to and up to one hour after your event start time.

If you are the last person to leave, turn off the lights, make sure the stove is off and set the alarm by holding the away button for 5 seconds until you hear beeping start. You will then have 60 seconds to leave. The front door will lock automatically.

Wheelchair Accessibility

There is one designated handicapped parking spot in front of unit 11. The first floor of Cowork Chilliwack is wheelchair accessible and features two wheelchair accessible washrooms. Our meeting spaces seating can be configured to accommodate wheelchairs.

Muster Point

In case of an emergency, please exit the building and meet in the front parking lot. Exit through the front door or through one of two emergency exits at the back of the building (follow the illuminated exit signs).

Wireless Network

Your guests are welcome to access the Internet by joining the complimentary "Cowork Guest" network. The password is "welcome123".


For the studio theatre, we recommend attending a brief training session to test your computer system and to learn how to use the AV equipment prior to your meeting.

Studio Theatre

  • HD widescreen projector and screen (HDMI only)

  • Projector resolution: 1920x1080; Aspect ratio 16:9 (HD)

  • Confidence monitor

  • Remote clicker

  • Sound system with two PA speakers, mixer and wireless microphones

  • LED stage lighting with a variety of preset scenes

  • Built-in video cameras and video switching and recording equipment

  • Lectern

  • Raised stage

Large Meeting Room

  • HD widescreen projector and screen (HDMI only)

  • Projector resolution: 1920x1080; Aspect ratio 16:9 (HD)

  • Sound-bar

  • Lectern

  • White board and markers

Small Meeting Room

  • HD monitor (HDMI only)

  • Monitor resolution: 1920x1080; Aspect ratio 16:9 (HD)

  • White board and markers

Food Prep

You are welcome to use the kitchen to prepare and serve food for your meeting. Feel free to use the provided glasses, dishes and silverware. Please clean up afterwards and make sure to fill the dishwasher and start a load before leaving. Dishwashing detergent pods are located in the cupboard above the dishwasher. If the garbage and recycling bins become full, there are additional bags under the sink. You can leave filled bags in front of the bins.

Serving Coffee

If you plan to serve coffee, we suggest that you bring in a cardboard carafe from Starbucks or Tim Hortons. Alternatively, the kitchen is outfitted with a Keurig coffee maker and you are welcome to supply your own pods, cream and sugar. The coffee, tea and hot chocolate already in the kitchen is for our members’ use.

If you are renting the studio theatre for an event after regular business hours, you are welcome to use the lobby and kitchen areas. If you wish to serve alcohol, you must apply for a special event permit through the BC Liquor Control and Licensing Branch. All individuals serving liquor are required to complete the Special Events Server course.

Serving Alcohol

Food & Drink Services

There are a number of quality caterers in the area:

Curly Kale Eatery
Facebook page

Decades Coffee Club
Facebook page

Merle's Catering

Simply Savory Valley Catering
Facebook page  1-604-217-1552

Yellow Deli
Facebook page  604-702-4442


Damian Brennan

Andrew Christopher

Trevor McDonald

Creative Services

Matthew Hawkins (Video)

Matthew Monosky (Photos)

Sarah Sovereign (Photos)

After your meeting

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