Studio Theatre

The Cowork Chilliwack Studio Theatre measures 22' x 28' and can be configured multiple ways. Click the photos to enlarge.


Seating set for 32

Seating set for 47

Up to 8 seats can be added to the balcony

Classroom style set for 18

Group style set for 18

U shape set for 10

Box shape set for 14

Set for presentation

Set for performance

AV Equipment

The Cowork Chilliwack Studio Theatre is outfitted with a myriad of audio visual equipment

Programmable LED stage lighting

Stage lighting controller

HD LCD projectors

Powered loudspeakers

12-channel mixer with various wired and wireless microphone options, plus professional presentation remote

Installed PTZ cameras (point, tilt, zoom)

Multi-camera video recording and live switching plus live streaming equipment


The Cowork Chilliwack Studio Theatre is ideal for photography and video shoots

Overhead shooting area

Plenty of lighting and seamless paper options

Photography Equipment

2400 watt power pack

600 watt power heads

Power heads have both flash and modelling bulbs