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Chilliwack Retro-Computing Club

  • Cowork Chilliwack 12-8465 Harvard Place Chilliwack, BC, V2P 7Z5 Canada (map)
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The Chilliwack Retro-Computing Club meets monthly at Cowork Chilliwack on the Third Thursday at 7:00 p.m. If you are interested in discussion about historical computing machines, you are welcome to join. Here's just some of the topics discussed:

  • Apple, TRS-80, Commodore, Z80-CP/M, IBM PC-DOS and other vintage personal computer systems

  • DEC PDP-11, DEC VAX, IBM System/34/36/38, UNIX and other brand of mini and mainframe computers

  • Historic Computing, including; ENIAC, Manchester Baby

  • Computing machines; calculators, slide rules, babbage engines, adding machines, etc.

  • Homebrew Computers, SBC, Raspberry Pi, CHIP

  • Emulation, retro-computing, single-board computers

  • Microcontrollers including Arduino, PIC, PICAXE, MSP430, Basic Stamp and other electronics

  • Chiptune and Computer Music

Later Event: September 21
Chillihack Project Club